Set of the traveler Master Set Hero Set
  • Premium for 10 days
  • Low NoGrade weapon coupon
  • Coupon to accessory
  • 6000 Newbie Soulshots
  • 2000 Newbie Spiritshots
  • Premium for 20 days
  • High NoGrade weapon coupon
  • Coupon to accessory
  • 6000 Newbie Soulshots
  • 2000 Newbie Spiritshots
  • Premium account for 30 days
  • Top NoGrade weapon coupon
  • Coupon to accessory
  • 6000 Newbie Soulshots
  • 2000 Newbie Spiritshots
300 COL 600 COL 900 COL
Buy Buy Buy

* Premium sets can be bought in your account for bonus-coins (before buying, you need to create a character in the game and select it by clicking the "Select" button).

** Bonus coins can be obtained by making donations in your account at the rate of 1 rub => 1 bonus coin.

Amnesty players

Dear players!

11/28/2018 Amnesty is announced for server players who are blocked for third-party software and bot-breeding.
The amnesty is held on a one-time basis and does not apply to those players...

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Dear players!

From 06.10.2018 an affiliate program for streamers on Youtube and / or Twitch is working on the server

What bonuses are available streamer:

900 bonus coins (for exchange for COL...

VK group address

Dear players!

Our previous VK group was banned by VK moderators.
Who made repost for participation in the contest of repost, please remove the old repost from the wall and make a new repost.


The server was successfully started!

Dear players!

The game server is up and running
09/21/2018 exactly at 18:00 Moscow time
go to the game!

Sincerely, The Administration of LA2-Nostalgia

Announcement of the server opening date: 21-09-2018

Dear players!

The server has received the necessary training in the Closed mode, at the moment is at the stage of MBT
Server opening date: September 21, 2018 at 18:00 Moscow time

We remind you that we...

Start the server OBT

Dear players!

On August 30, 2013, at 18:00 Moscow time, the server switches to the OBT stage (Open Beta Testing).

OBT will last approximately 21 days. After the BOT is the opening of the server, when...
Start the server CBT

Dear players!

From August 20, 2013, the server goes to the stage of the PTA (Closed Beta Testing).

The PTA will last 7 days. After the PTA, the server will start.
The date the server is opened will be...

Classic game server Lineage 2 C4. Quality PTS-assembly. References x1. For real lovers of classics!

The main differences of our resource from the rest: classics, stability and low rates, as well as adult and adequate administration, which does not interfere with the gameplay.

What do we offer our players?

  • Classic game server Lineage 2 C4
  • Quality PTS build with persistent bug updates
  • Reliability and stability of the server
  • Donate, which does not affect the balance of power in the game
  • A balanced economy with periodic regulation
  • Premium accounts and the ability to purchase jewelry without buying items that give an advantage
  • The respawn time for epic bosses is similar to the official server.

Why us?

  • Reliable command, stable server, serious approach!
  • If you are tired of going around servers, it's time to stop and play with us. We will be honest and true, we promise.
  • The best players and clans are playing with us. There are bonuses to the outgoing clans.
  • We are constantly improving, and we do everything for the convenience and comfort of players, and high-quality server equipment and excellent communication channels will give you real pleasure from the game, without delays and lags!
  • We have a highly qualified development team that will quickly eliminate any problems. You will no longer wait months for correction.

On our server you can completely relax, forget about the problems of the outside world and get real pleasure from the game! We are waiting for you! Рейтинг-каталог серверов Lineage2