To start the game on our server, you need to register your account (when registering, specify a valid email that can not be changed) (no confirmation of the account by mail) and then download the game client.

You can download the client from one of the following links:

[English version] (EN)

1. Torrent (direct link)

2. Torrent (Yandex.Disk):

3. Archive (direct link): (2.11 Gb)

Client Patch

[Patch of the English version of the client] (EN):

Run the game with a file: system/L2.exe

We pay attention to the following points:

1. We recommend downloading only our current version of the client, posted on the site
2. Log into the game is possible only with our client and launcher, with third-party when you try to run there will be an error
3. We strongly recommend not to update through the update other versions of clients and servers, in order to avoid errors of any kind
4. Login to the game can only be from an unbanned account, the status of the ban can be seen in your account (the line "Account Lockout Status") or when you try to enter your account on the site
5. To start the game correctly, we recommend that you make a folder with the game in the antivirus exceptions (for example, using a proven AVG antivirus), then restart the computer and start the game, or remove the antivirus from the computer (even if installed, but not included), then restart the computer and start the game

[English version of the updater] (EN)
Download the updater (direct link):
Download the updater (Yandex.Disk):

Where to contact / write in case of problems:

1. In case of any difficulties with starting the game, for help, please contact the group of VC servers ( (on the right the tab "Community Messages")
2. For any game questions, please contact the GM server: and LINK
3. For all other general and organizational issues, as well as questions of making donations to the server, write to support: Рейтинг-каталог серверов Lineage2