- Powerful server equipment
- Protection against DDOS attacks
- 24 hour work 7/24/365
- Anti-cheat, server and client protection
- 24-hour technical support

Basic moments:

- Balanced server economics
- Tough rules of the game server
- No privileges to moderators

Server Revenues:

- Server x1 counts
- Adena: x1
- Drop: x1
- Spoil: x1
- Quest: x1
- Quest reward: (adena / exp / sp) x1
- EXP: x1
- SP: x1
- RP EXP / SP: x1
- RP Drop: (Chance of the general group): x1
- Epic RB Drop: x1
- Epic RB EXP / SP: x1

Premium accounts:

- Server x1 counts
- Premium Reitings: x1.5

Some moments:

- The Destroyer / Titan class does not have the ability to use peaks / fieldarms (in order to maintain balance and stable server economics)
- The possibility of falling cursed weapons (Akamanah & Zariche) will be disabled until the appearance of the first heroes
- For offline trading, it is necessary, after opening a personal store, to register the .offline command in the chat. The maximum duration of one session is 48 hours
- A limit of 20 levels is set for pumping in the group. If this difference is exceeded, only a higher-level character will experience

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