Premiums allow you to get a small bonus to the player in order to speed up the development of the character.

What gives a premium:

+ 50% exp
+ 50% sp
+ 50% adena
+ 50% drop
+ 50% spoil

Base server raises:

exp: x1
sp: x1
adena: x1
drop: x1
spoil: x1


exp: x1.5
sp: x1.5
adena: x1.5
drop: x1.5
spoil: x1.5

Cost of premiums: 10 days - 200 COL, 20 days - 400 COL, 30 days - 600 COL

Premiums are bought for a particular character in the game for cola.

Cola can be obtained in your account by exchanging them for the server's bonus coins at the rate of 1 bonus coin => 1 COL

Bonus coins can be obtained by making a donation in your account at the rate of 1 rub => 1 bonus-coin. Link for donation: Рейтинг-каталог серверов Lineage2